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Jim Bianco

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Jim Bianco
Aug 10, 2008 Jim Bianco
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Disc 1: 1. Sorry 2. Back Downtown 3. Two Birds 4. More Hands 5. Handsome Devil 6. Where am I Going to Run to Now 7. Cucarachas 8. Painkiller 9. Tennessee Wedding Disc2: 1. If Your Mama knew 2. I've Got a Thing for You 3. Best That You Can Do 4. Goodness Gracious 5. Distracted 6. Belong 7. So Far, So Good 8. 's 9. Never Again 10. southpaw 11. Rainbow Connection (fades)
Topics: singer, songwriter
Source: M-Audio stereo mic > Aiwa AM-F70 MD
Jim Bianco
Apr 27, 2004 Jim Bianco
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Intro Sorry "In the packaged foods section..." More Hands "Get the lovin on..." Handsome Devil Long Way Home "Did anybody smell her yet?" Play It One Last Time
Topic: Live concert
Source: AT831s > SP-SPSB-1S batt. box (w/ bass rolloff set @ 95 Hz) > (line-in) Creative Nomad Jukebox 3